Best Headlight Restoration Kits

18 Best Headlight Restoration Kits (2020 Buyers Guide)

The best headlight restoration kits are becoming a winterization staple for many cars in the United States, and for good reason too.

A year of daily exposure to sunlight can cause considerable fogging and pitting on your car’s headlights.

And if you have been making-do with severely yellowed headlights on your car for more than a year, then now is the time to get it fixed.

Winter, low visibility, you can’t be too careful, can you?

Thankfully, the task is neither tedious nor expensive, two common misconceptions that most car owners seem to have about restoring headlights.

With the best headlight restoration kits, it’s a couple of hours of elbow grease at best.

A weekend job for a DIYer that will give you the peace of mind to drive safely even when the visibility is poor.

Not to forget the innate satisfaction that only comes from saving money. Yeah! You can toss that $250 quote from the professional restoring service into the trash right away.

We have selected 18 of the best headlight restoration products for you. Right from complete kits to sealers that provide the perfect final touch, no matter what you are looking for, we have you covered.

  1. Blue Magic 730-6 Headlight Lens Sealer
  2. Sonax 405941-745
  3. Ez4u2 Headlight Restoration Kit
  4. Blue Magic Lens Restorer
  5. Wipe New HDL6PCMTRRT Headlight Restore Kit
  6. LuDuo Headlight Restoration Polishing kit
  7. Rain-X 800001810
  8. Meguiar’s 1-Step Restoration Kit – The Best Headlight Restoration Kit
  9. Turtle Wax 2-in-1 Headlight Cleaner and Sealant
  10. Visbella Professional Headlight Restoration Kit
  11. 3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System
  12. Mother’s NuLens Restoration kits
  13. 3M 39175 Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit
  14. Turtle Wax T-240K
  15. Meguiars Two Step Headlight Restoration
  16. Quixx 00084-US Headlight Restoration Kit
  17. OPT7 Headlight Restoration Kit
  18. Meguiar’s G2980 Heavy Duty Restoration kit

So sit back, grab a drink (or two) and enjoy this read.

#1 – Blue Magic 730-6 Headlight Lens Sealer

The Blue Magic 730-6 is a clear coat lens sealer that keeps your lens sparkling clean for months after you restore it.

It is best applied after a restoration job with the Blue Magic Lens Restorer (covered later in this article) or after sanding. But you can even apply it once a month to a brand new lens to protect it from UV rays.

For the uninitiated, UV exposure is one of the leading causes of premature fogging and yellowing in polycarbonate headlamps. Blue Magic protects the lens surface from oxidization caused due to UV rays keeping them bright and clear.

It comes in a convenient spray bottle and you can spray it on directly to the lens surface. Alternatively, you can also spray a tiny amount on a towel and apply it on the lens. Just a small amount provides enough coverage and the 8 oz. bottle should ideally last for a year, if not more.

It is a petroleum distillate that’s slightly oily though. And it does take more time than normal to dry. So it is highly recommended that you apply this when you have ample time on your hands to allow it to dry completely.

Or else it just turns into a dust magnet.

That’s just a tiny quibble though.


  • Clearcoat lens sealer
  • Protects from UV exposure
  • Prevents yellowing and fogging
  • Easy to apply spray bottle
  • Great value


  • Slightly oily and takes time to dry

#2 – Sonax 405941-745

Up next, we have the Sonax 405941-745 headlight restoration kit. As implied by the name, this has everything you need to restore a foggy and yellowed headlight, without using a corded drill.

It comes with P5000 sanding pads that scrubs away stubborn hazing, stains, and hairline scratches on acrylic headlights.

A polish pad is included to remove the marks that will be left on the headlight after sanding.

Last but not least, use a towel to apply the clear coat UV sealant on the lens.

Bingo! Your headlights will be sparkling clean and bright again.

Cheap, fast and easy enough for anyone to do it themselves.

The only thing that we’d like to add to this is a better clear coat sealant.

Maybe you can grab this kit and use it with the Blue Magic sealant to make your old headlights brand again.


  • Complete restoration kit
  • Includes Sanding pads, polish pad, towel & UV sealant


  • The UV sealant included in the package is not as effective as you’d expect it to be

#3 – Ez4u2 Headlight Restoration Kit

The Ez4u2 headlight restoration kit is perfect for heavy-duty restoration jobs on extremely foggy, yellow and scratched headlights.

In fact, this is a commercial-grade kit that is used frequently by professional restoration services.

It includes sanding pads of various grits for wet sanding, a polishing pad that will buff out the marks left behind by the sanding pad, a pretreating solution for the lens and a UV protectant clear coat sealant, with applicators and paper towels.

Using it is pretty self-explanatory. But there are detailed walk-through videos on YouTube that are very helpful if this is your first attempt at restoring headlights.

It does seem a little pricey if you compare it with other various restoration kits. But make no mistake, this is a very effective product that restores even the most heavily oxidized headlights.

There are customers who thought that they had no choice except replacing the headlights on their old car. But they were surprised to see the results they could achieve with the EZ4u2 restoration kit.

Each kit contains enough solution to restore the headlights on up to 3 cars by the way. So, if you have a single car, the kit should easily last a long time.

Also, this keeps your headlights from yellowing for up to a year after a single restoration job.


  • Commercial-grade restoration kit
  • Restores even heavily hazed headlights
  • Includes everything required for 3 to 4 restoration jobs
  • The sealant prevents yellowing for almost a year or more


  • A little pricey

#4 – Blue Magic Lens Restorer

This is the 725CD-06 lens restorer from Blue Magic that does a phenomenal job at removing scratches and oxidization from headlights.

It is a part of Blue Magic’s combo, which includes the lens sealant that we mentioned earlier in this list.

Apply this on the lens to remove the oxidization and seal it with the sealant to prevent yellowing again.

The Lens restorer can be applied with a microfiber cloth, or just about any rag. But depending on the severity of the yellowing, it might take some elbow grease.

Another option is to buy a buffing pad that can attach to a drill and can be used to buff the headlight.

Produces much better results than doing it manually.

One 8-oz. bottle should last for about 5-6 restoration jobs. Club the price of this with the sealant and you’ll beat a professional restoration service by a huge margin.

Easily lasts for a year.


  • Easy to apply lens restorer
  • Removes yellowing and scratches from heavily oxidized lenses
  • Can be applied with a cloth


  • Best used in combo with Blue Magic’s lens sealant

#5 – Wipe New HDL6PCMTRRT Headlight Restore Kit

Wipe New is one of the oldest headlight restoration kits on the market. It has been used in professional settings for medium to heavy-duty restoration jobs for years.

In fact, it even won a ‘SEMA Global Media’ award in 2014 for being a ‘standout product’. That was 6-years ago.

But it continues to have an ongoing appeal. That’s because it is one of the easiest products to use. And a very effective one at that.

The kit comes with a two-sided scouring pad. You use the green side of the pad to scrub away oxidation and haze, and the grey one to remove any leftover sanding marks.

A red wiping cloth is included to clean the surface after sanding and polishing.

Lastly, use the microfiber cloth which comes pre-saturated with their Wipe New UV sealant to provide a sparkling, bright finish. This is a nano-polymer formula that provides protection for up to 100 washes afterwards.

Wipe New also provides a pair of gloves to use during the restoration process.

Not only is it a value for money kit, but it also does a great job at removing stubborn stains and haze.

Also, it is one of the only brands that guarantee that after the restoration, your car will pass inspection for its lifespan. Now that’s a great guarantee.

Update: Wipe New has been acquired by Rustoleum recently. So, the product is now called ‘Rustoleum Wipe New Restore Kit’


  • One of the oldest brands with a proven performance
  • Very effective in removing stubborn haze and stains
  • Easy to use, double-sided scouring pad
  • Microfiber cloth pre-saturated with UV sealant


  • The results depend on the quality of the prep you perform. You will end up with mediocre results if you don’t put your back into the scrubbing.

#6 – LuDuo Headlight Restoration Polishing kit

Sometimes, you are just trying to improve the appearance of a car you plan to sell off. Or there’s a rundown headlight that could do with some improvement. But you don’t want to spend a boatload of cash on it.

This restoration kit from LuDuo might be just what you wanted.

For starters, it costs less than half of what most leading brands of restoration kits charge.

Further, it’s a complete kit that includes sanding pads of three different grits, a polishing pad, and a UV sealant.

At the price, it is an unbelievably good deal.

To top it off, it does an excellent job of removing hazing and oxidization from even old headlights.

The only (minor) grumble that we have with it is that the sanding pads are a tad smaller than normal. But that’s expected at this price really.

Otherwise, this is an excellent choice for medium-grade restoration jobs.


  • Budget-priced restoration kit
  • Perfect for most restoration tasks
  • Sanding pads of different grits, polishing pad, and UV sealant


  • Sanding pads are slightly smaller than the usual size

#7 – Rain-X 800001810

The Rain-X Headlight restorer is a single-step product that eliminates the need for sanding and polishing while restoring the clarity of the headlights.

Or so it claims to.

To be fair, it works very well if the fogging and yellowing is not very severe, to begin with.

Apply it, leave it to dry for a few hours and use a microfiber cloth to wipe it off. It should remove most mild yellowing with ease, with very minimal elbow grease.

The results should last for a few months after which, the headlights will start to yellow again meaning that it’s time for reapplication.

You can achieve very good results with the Rain-X headlight restorer provided that the problem is not very severe, and you follow the instructions to the T.

Do not apply it outside if possible, as the headlight will be wet for quite a while after application. If you have dust in the air, then it might affect the results.

If the headlights are severely fogged, then this won’t be the best of options for you.


  • Single-step product
  • No need to sand or polish
  • Apply, dry and wipe off to remove yellowing


  • May not be useful in restoring severely fogged headlights

#8 – Meguiar’s 1-Step Restoration Kit – The Best Headlight Restoration Kit

The Mequiar’s 1-step restoration kit, also known as G1900K is undoubted, one of the most popular DIY headlight restoration kits on the market.

And for good reason too.

It’s a very simple kit to use, and unless your headlights are severely pitted and oxidized, it will be a one-step process.

Just apply the Plast-X Clear Plastic cleaner on to the easy buff woolen pad, that in turn attaches to a corded drill, and buff away the haze.

Within minutes, it should restore your headlights to crystal clear clarity.

On the other hand, if the headlights are severely foggy and oxidized, use the stubborn defect removal pack. These are nothing but sanding pads of 1000 and 3000 grit. (You may need coarser grit paper depending on the extent of the damage.)

Use soapy as well as normal water to spray the headlights as you sand away. After a while, you should have a smooth finish with lots of scratches but zero UV deterioration. Now use the Plast-X and the wool pad and you will be amazed at the results.

The Meguiar’s 1-step restoration plus kit also includes masking tape needed to protect the paint on the car when you use the drill.

As we mentioned, this is a very effective product that can be used for heavy-duty restoration work as well as mild ones.

It does not come with a UV protectant sealant though and it is highly recommended that you use a sealant after you restore the headlights to prevent premature fogging again.


  • 1-step restoration kit if it’s a mild restoration job
  • Comes with sanding pads needed for severe pitting
  • The plast-x wool pad attaches to a corded drill for easy buffing
  • Includes masking tape


  • No UV protectant included in the kit

#9 – Turtle Wax 2-in-1 Headlight Cleaner and Sealant

If you are too lazy to apply multiple products and put your back into the restoration process, you may like this 2-in-1 cleaner and sealant from Turtle Wax.

It is a combo cleaner and sealant that restores your oxidized and fogged headlight and protects it from UV exposure.

Just apply the Turtle Wax solution on the M.A.X.-Power Scrub Daddy Sponge included in the kit, scrub away the oxidation on the headlight, allow it to dry and wipe it with the microfiber cloth.

That’s it. You should have sparkling clear headlights in no time.

The caveat is that the OEM acrylic resins in the formula are effective only in removing light oxidation. Anything severe and this won’t cut the mustard.

Having said that, it is a very good product to use even on new headlights to keep them squeaky clean and prevent pitting.

Other than headlights, this also works equally well on plexiglass and other uncoated plastics.


  • A single product that cleans and protects from UV
  • Easy to apply
  • OEM Resin-based formula
  • Works well with plexiglass and other plastic surfaces


  • Suitable only for light oxidation

#10 – Visbella Professional Headlight Restoration Kit

The Visbella Professional Headlight Restoration kit goes the old-school, analog way of restoring using the three-step process of sanding, polishing and protecting.

No shortcuts. But the results are spectacular, to say the least.

There are people who have used this to restore severely pitted and damaged headlights on cars that are 15 to 16-years-old. That’s enough said.

The kit is available in two versions, manual and an automatic one that can be attached to a corded drill for the sanding.

There are three sanding discs of 400, 800 & 1000 grit. Start with the coarse one and work your way up until you have removed the damaged top layer on the headlight. Use enough water to make this easier. It’s called wet sanding for a reason.

Now, apply the polish paste on the pad and apply it evenly to smooth out the glass and to remove all the scratches caused by the sanding paper.

The final step is to coat it with the sealant to protect it from premature damage.

The Visbella Professional restoration kit can be used for removing severe pitting and oxidation on plastic headlights. But it will take a fair amount of time and effort.

There’s enough product in one kit to restore up to three headlight assemblies.


  • Three-step restoration kit that’s suited for heavily damaged headlights
  • Sanding pads of three grits, polish and UV sealant
  • Manual as well as an automatic version that attaches to corded drills


  • Will require effort and take time to restore

#11 – 3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System

This kit from 3M ticks all the boxes that car owners usually look for while shopping for the best headlight restoration kits.

It is reasonably easy to use, it works extremely well for medium oxidization and hazing. And lastly, it has a very affordable price tag.

It comes with a backing plate to attach to a drill, P500, P800 & P3000 Trizact discs for sanding, a foam compound pad, a sample of the 3M polish for headlights and a roll of masking tape.

Apply masking tape (or regular painters tape) around the headlights, attach the P500 coarse grit disc to the backing plate and then attach this to a corded drill. Start sanding the headlight to remove the yellowed top layer. After a while, you will notice that there’s a lot of yellow gunk falling off. Keep doing this until this powder turns white. This might take up to 30 minutes or more depending on how severe the fogging is.

Keep cleaning the pad and the lens often when you sand it.

Now work on it the same way with the P800 disc. This will remove the scratches left behind by the P500 disc.

Lastly, use the Trizact P3000 disc to remove the finer scratches. Use ample soap and water when you do this.

Apply a wee bit of the polishing compound on the orange foaming pad and apply it evenly to coat the lens. Use only light pressure at all times.

The process takes an hour or more to complete for each headlight. But if you follow the instructions correctly, the results can be pretty amazing.


  • A trusted brand in the automotive industry
  • Comes with sanding pads, polishing pad, masking tape, and polishing compound
  • Reasonably priced
  • Works well for light and medium oxidization


  • A four-step process that can be time-consuming. (Totally worth the time though)
  • No UV sealant included in the pack
  • Requires a corded drill for best results

The Best headlight restoration kits for heavily damaged headlights

We’ve spoken a lot about restoration kits for lightly damaged headlights. Now that we are nearing the end of this list of the best headlight restoration kits, it’s time to look at the products that can restore completely battered headlights to life.

These are headlights that would need to be replaced otherwise. No two ways around it.

#12 – Mother’s NuLens Restoration kits

The first product is the Mother’s NuLens Restoration kit.

Now, the manufacturer advertises this as a one-step restoration kit. But also throws in the sanding pads that you need for a more detailed restoration for heavily damaged headlights.

If the headlights have only light yellowing of if its a new car, go straight to the polishing tool and apply polish.

It’s very similar to the 3M kit. Work your way wet sanding with 800 and 1500 grit sanding pads attached to a drill. (Variable speed preferred).

Wipe the headlight dry and then work with the 3000 grit pad to remove any residual scratches.

Now attach the PowerBall 4Lights Polishing Tool (fancy name) to the drill, use the polish included in the package and polish away to reveal sparkling clear headlights.

As always, we recommend that you seal it after use to protect the work.

The Mother’s Nulens Restoration Kit is very effective against severe oxidization and damage. Highly recommended!


  • Complete Kit for removing heavy UV damage on headlights
  • Sanding pads, polishing tool and polish included in the kit
  • Results last for up to a year after you restore the headlight
  • Very reasonable pricing


  • No sealant in the package

#13 – 3M 39175 Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit

Unlike the kit from 3M that we spoke about earlier, this heavy-duty one is tailor-made for restoring the most heavily damaged lights.

Picture headlights that have 10+ years of sun exposure and haven’t been restored or treated even once.

The kit includes everything that you need to restore it to showroom condition.

Three sanding pads of varying grits, a polishing compound to provide the finishing touches and a clear coat protectant to seal the lights.

3M has a detailed instructional video that shows how to go about restoring severely pitted headlights. We highly recommend that you check that video before you get started.

Alternatively, there are some great instructional videos on YouTube as well.

Some tips to avoid disappointment:

  1. This kit works phenomenally well. But it will involve a fair amount of elbow grease.
  2. Do not cut corners. Spend time on the lights with each sanding paper pad. The prep is more important than the final step.


  • Perfect for restoring headlights with 10+ years of UV damage
  • Complete kit that includes a clear coat sealant
  • Trusted brand used by professionals


  • Works best if you have a corded variable speed drill to attach the pads
  • Time-consuming to achieve good results

#14 – Turtle Wax T-240K

The T-240K is Turtle Wax’s premium offering for heavily pitted and damaged headlights.

It’s a complete kit that comes with everything you need to restore your headlights, no matter how much the damage.

Just like some of the other products in this category, you have the option to skip the sanding and go directly with the Lens Clarifying Compound and the sealing wipe if the damage is light.

But if there’s deep discoloration on the headlights, you can use the 3 restoration pads of varying grits and use the clarifying compound to seal the surface.

The T-240 K also earns the distinction of being one of the only kits that don’t require a corded drill. Yes, you can sand the headlights manually.

We must say though that it will require a fair amount of elbow grease.

4 oz. of clarifying liquid will last multiple restorations. You will need to buy the wipes separately though.


  • Complete kit for restoring heavily damaged headlights
  • Includes sanding pads of varying grits, clarifying liquid and pre-saturated wipes with the UV sealant
  • Manual sanding possible


  • Takes a lot of effort and time

#15 – Meguiars Two Step Headlight Restoration

If you hate sanding as much as we do, then you will love this restoration kit from Meguiars that will remove medium to heavy-duty yellowing in just two steps.

Apply the cleaning solution on to the cleaning pad and work on the headlights like you are sanding it. Keep wiping every now and then with a towel to check the progress.

Once the lens is uniformly frosted, apply the spray, which is the polish and the clear coat sealant, and wipe it clean to reveal a clear lens.

The 4 oz. bottles are sufficient to restore the lights on two cars. Most bottles usually last a lot more.

But this is a two-step process and we highly recommend that you apply it generously on each headlight for best results.

Tip: If you aren’t able to remove the yellowing completely, get some sanding papers of varying grits and sand the lens. The results will be a lot better. But only do this if it doesn’t work as mentioned in the instructions.


  • Simple two-step restoration process
  • No sanding required
  • Easy, manual application
  • Takes less than an hour to restore the lights


  • Sanding may be needed if the lights have very deep scratches and discoloration

#16 – Quixx 00084-US Headlight Restoration Kit

The Quixx 00084-US is a complete kit with a UV-protectant sealant in the pack.

Also included are three mini-sanding pads of varying grits, and an acrylic polish that seals the scratches left behind due to sanding.

The pads are for manual application, and the product is very effective at removing medium to heavy pitting on headlights and other plastics, due to the German, chemical-based solution.

The problem though is that there’s not enough sandpaper in the kit to restore two headlights on a car.

Taillights, yes. Instrument clusters, definitely. But not a pair of headlights on a truck.

So, buy this only after you stock on some sanding paper for wet and dry sanding.

On a positive note, the solutions are provided in a re-sealable pack unlike ugly pouches provided by 3M.


  • Complete kit with a clear coat sealant
  • Manual application
  • The chemical formula provides great results


  • Not enough sanding paper for two large headlights

#17 – OPT7 Headlight Restoration Kit

The OPT7 headlight restoration kit requires one of the most detailed restoration processes that we’ve seen in recent times.

And the manufacturer explicitly states that cutting corners may result in a mediocre outcome.

Most brands these days try to fob you off with products labeled as one-step and two-step restorations. But they don’t really do as they say.

This one from OPT7 is a five-step process where you sand, buff, polish, and coat the lens.

Everything that you need is included in the kit. But the standout is the ceramic coating, which is the final step.

It really makes the lens pop out by improving the clarity of the restored lens. Also, it forms an invisible layer over the plastic that deters dust, dirt and other environmental pollutants that seem to aggravate yellowing.

The results should last for longer than what it would with normal sealants.


  • Complete restoration kit for medium and heavy yellowing
  • Sanding pads, polishing pad, polish, and a ceramic coating
  • Ceramic coating markedly improves visibility and protects the lens
  • Can be attached to a drill for a quicker process and better results


  • A five-step process that might take time.

#18 – Meguiar’s G2980 Heavy Duty Restoration kit

Last but not least, we have this heavy-duty restoration kit from Meguiar’s ‘Mirror Glaze’ range of products, which is a prosumer range.

The G2980 kit comes with two sanding pads, a polishing buff wool pad, a polish applicator pad, a pad for manual sanding (fine tuning) and a proprietary sealant that fills in the tiny gaps to provide a uniform, clear appearance.

This kit works really well to remove the damage caused due to continual exposure to the sun over the years.

You can connect it to a variable speed corded drill to cut faster and improve the results. Meguiar also adds a sanding pad for manual fine-tuning.

However, we recommend that you stock some additional sanding paper of varying grits (500 to 3000) before you start on the restoration process. It may prove to be useful at some point in time if you find that the damage is too deep to completely remove with the two sanding pads in the kit. Remember, this is completely optional though.


  • Prosumer-grade product for removing heavy damage to headlights
  • Comes with two sanding pads, buff wool pad, applicator pad, and a proprietary sealant
  • Can restore headlights with years of damage


  • None

How to select the best headlight restoration kit for your car

Whew! I hope that wasn’t too exhaustive of a read.

You might have noticed that most of these best headlight restoration kits look and function identically.

A couple of sanding pads, a polishing pad, a polishing compound, a UV sealer! They are all the same.

But there’s a world of difference in them, and we definitely let you know it.

How then do you narrow down on the right one for your car?

Here are a few factors to consider before you make the decision.

The extent of the damage

How bad are the headlights on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst? Can you see the light in the dark at all?

Is there a really heavy layer of yellow oxidized plastic covering most parts of the headlight?

Have you treated or restored the headlights ever, after you bought the car?

The answers to these questions will help you determine how detailed the process is going to be.

If the damage is really heavy, go for a complete restoration kit for heavy damage, like the Turtle Wax 240-K or the 3M 39175 heavy-duty restoration kit.

But if the car is fairly new and there’s just light discoloration, go for a kit that can restore medium-scale damage, like the Meguiar G1900K or the Rustoleum Wipe New restoration kit.

Time and Effort

Despite what any manufacturer would like you to believe, restoring a damaged headlight will take time and elbow grease. There’s no magic solution that will turn a yellow, pitted headlight into a sparkling new one in 5-minutes.

The actual time and effort will depend on the extent of damage and the type of kit you select.

If you have a corded drill lying around, get a kit that comes with a backing plate that can be attached to it. It will speed up the task as well as improve the results.

Manual kits typically require an hour of effort on each headlight. Sometimes lesser.

Do you have the time and are you willing to put your back into the task?

Understand the sanding pads in the kit

The more time you spend sanding, the better the results will be.

Some kits come with just one abrasive pad for sanding. If the headlights have just light damage, these will work fine.

If the damage is more pronounced, look for kits with at least two sanding pads of different grits, like one of the kits from 3M.

For heavily damaged headlights, 3 sanding pads are the bare minimum, like the Visbella Headlight Restoration Kit.

It’s always good to have a few sanding papers with you before you begin. You never know when you might need it.

Always start with the coarser grit sanding pad and work your way to the finer ones for best results.

The DIY crowd seems divided when it comes to choosing between an automatic sanding pad and a manual one. Just pick the one that works for you.

If you plan to attach it to a cordless drill, ensure that there’s a backup battery.

The UV sealant

Even the most perfectly restored headlights will start to fade and fog as it gets exposed to the sun. A UV sealant clear coat will protect your hard work for up to a year in some cases.

However, not all kits include a UV sealant. You can always buy one, like the Blue Magic Headlight Sealer.

Irrespective of whether it’s included or not, always seal the lens after you restore it. It’s an inexpensive purchase that will save you a lot of effort down the road.

The Price

Most kits come with two sets of sanding discs and the liquids (polish and sealant) in 4 oz. bottles. These suffice for restoring two sets of headlights at least.

The price though can range from under $10 to $30, with $20 being the average price.

That’s pretty reasonable if you compare it with a professional restoring service or an expensive headlight replacement.

Closing thoughts

That’s it, folks.

We hope that you enjoyed reading our list of the best headlight restoration kits.

Do write to us if you have any questions or suggestions. Until then, let there be light!

Till Next Time!