Pioneer AVIC-8201NEX review

Pioneer AVIC-8201NEX Review – The Final Verdict 2020

Just imagine this, you on your way to a very important meeting in a part of town that you are not at all familiar with and you have not taken the time to read any Pioneer AVIC-8201NEX review.

To top it off, you are already running a little behind because you got stuck in morning traffic. And, this is not just any ordinary meeting. It is a meeting that could make or break your company.

Sure, you might have a smartphone with GPS, but digging into your pocket and fiddling with it while trying to keep an eye on the road is something that you do not want to be doing more than you have to. And, this is not to even mention the fact that you might not have the latest GPS updates.

If changes have been recently made to the road your GPS device might not even direct you to the right area. It will probably get you close, but it might not get you to exactly where you need to go.

Whatever the situation is, you can already see the impact that showing up late is going to have on the meeting. The client you are meeting might not only leave early, but you might not even be able to repair the situation.

This is why it is always important to have an up to date, reliable device that will guide you to your destination without any hitches. And, that is one thing that the Pioneer AVIC-8201BEX can do. And, after reading this Pioneer AVIC-8201NEX review, you will have no choice but to agree.

This review will thoroughly cover the most notable features included with the device as well as the features that could be improved.

What Is The Pioneer AVIC-8201NEX?

Just for those of you that are not familiar with the device, you simply just need to know that the Pioneer AVIC-8201NEX is nothing more than a navigation system. Well, to say it is like any other navigation system would be going a bit far.

This device is, in fact, nothing like other devices, as it not only includes essential features that navigation systems need, but it includes a variety of other features that will come in handy in a variety of situations.

  • Includes A Backup Camera – One of the first things that you need to know about the device is that it comes along with a backup camera. This means that with this device, you will literally have eyes in the back of your head at all times. Not only does the device come with a backup camera, but it will tie into front cameras as well. That’s right, if your vehicle has a front camera already installed, the device will connect into it so that the footage from the front camera will be sent right to your new navigation device. Remember to be cautious about recalls.
  • Works With Android Devices – There is simply no denying that Android devices are amongst some of the most popular mobile devices on the planet. And, this is exactly why the manufacturers decided to make this device compatible with Android devices. That being said, there is one thing to keep in mind. Android Auto might not be available with all devices and is not currently available in all countries. This is just something to keep in mind if you are an Android user and buying the device for this specific reason.
  • Works With The Latest iOS – Not only does this navigation work with Android devices, but it also works extremely well with iOS platforms. Many individuals are even using iPhone Sevens with the latest operating system to tap into this device. In fact, most people that connect their devices together in this manner do so by taking advantage of the Bluetooth technology.
  • Very Interactive Screen – If you have ever used a navigation or car camera system before you probably already know that most of them are not the most responsive things. Luckily, this is not a problem that you will encounter with the Pioneer AVIC8201NEX. The screen that comes with the device is not only very interactive, but it is 1080p, which provides more than a pleasant viewing experience.

As you can see, the Pioneer AVIC-8201NEX comes equipped with tons of essential and non-essential navigational features. However, these are not the only features included. Below, you will learn more about what the device is capable of how and how you can benefit from adding it to your vehicle.

Included Maps

Ultimately, some mapping systems are unimpressive. This is not going to be an issue with the AVIC-8201NEX.

With this one, you can guarantee that you’ll be able to use the system in many locations. For instance, it works flawlessly inside the United States.

What is going to happen if you find yourself in another country? For example, you’re in Canada or Puerto Rico, it will still work.

On top of that, you’re going to be able to benefit from more than 7.9 million points of interest. Whether you’re in Nebraska or Texas, you can guarantee that you’ll be able to find attractions that interest you.

Hands-Free Calling

Attempting to answer your phone while driving can be very dangerous. Suffice to say, you should not do it. Well, you can avoid this problem by investing in a good navigation system.

The AVIC-8201NEX is great for this specific purpose. You can guarantee that it is going to provide you with great results.

It features built-in Bluetooth so you can connect your phone to it. This ensures that you’re able to enjoy your audio without touching your phone.

You’ll also be able to accept phone calls without using your hands. You’ll be able to remain focused on the road at all times without putting yourself at risk.

There is a USB port for your phone. This can be utilized for many purposes.

HD Radio Tuner

While some people like Sirius radio, others do not want to pay for the monthly subscription. In return, they’ll continue using their conventional radio.

There is nothing wrong with this but your vehicle’s radio system might not be sufficient. If this is the case, you should think about investing in the Pioneer AVIC-8201NEX.

With an HD radio tuner, you’re going to receive more channels and the sound quality will be greatly improved.

The tuner featured with the AVIC-8201NEX is excellent. You can guarantee that it is going to improve your radio listening experience.

Backup Camera

Ultimately, the backup camera included with this system is amazing. It is going to provide you with a great performance every time. It features a wide view.

The specifications include 129 degree horizontal and 105 degree vertical. This ensures that you’ll be able to see everything behind your vehicle.

On top of that, you’re going to receive the mounting hardware and 30-foot cable.

Suffice to say, you’ll be able to get this unit installed without being required to purchase anything else. The camera is solid in all major categories.

Gorgeous Screen

With some navigation systems, you’re going to have a tough time seeing the screen. This isn’t going to be a problem with the AVIC8201NEX. With this device, you’ll always be able to see the screen.

The display is 7” and it’ll be right there in front of you at all times. You can guarantee that you’ll be able to focus on the road and the screen simultaneously.

And, you’re going to get a beautiful image. The screen provides a crystal-clear picture that you’re going to love.

If you’re adamant about having a display that isn’t blurry, this is the one you’ll want to consider buying.


Have you ever wanted to sync your smartphone with your automobile? In the past, you would not have been able to do this. Well, you can once you’ve bought the Pioneer AVIC8201NEX.

This device is compatible with Apple Car Play and Android Auto and this is going to make a huge difference for you.

You should also know that the system works flawlessly with Sirius but you’ll need to buy a tuner separately. Whether you want to jam out to your tunes or want to listen to Howard Stern on Sirius, you can guarantee that this in-dash navigation system will allow you to do that.

Easy To Use Touch Screen

There is a good chance that you’re not tech-savvy. Well, you should know that you’re not the only one. There are many people who aren’t good with technology.

Some in-dash navigation systems are going to be more user-friendly than others. This is what you’re going to like about the Pioneer AVIC8201NEX. With this device, you will be able to control the settings easily.

After all, it features a touchscreen. If you’re familiar with smartphones, you’ll have no trouble using this in-dash navigation system.

This makes it suitable for everyone including people who aren’t tech-savvy.


For people who are not mechanically inclined, it is not a good idea to attempt the installation.

While the Flagship In-Dash Navigation system comes with installation hardware, you still need to buy an additional adapter. This component is necessary to connect the system as an aftermarket product.

In all actuality, it would be in your best interest to hire an expert to complete the installation process. Many car radio companies will install the system for a low price.

The installation process consists of several steps, all of which are fairly complicated. Most customers agree that the installation should be completed by a professional.

This is especially true if you are not familiar with the electric and stereo system setups in your vehicle.

Compatible With TPMS Systems

Most modern vehicles are installed with a Tire-Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). This system allows motorists to monitor the air pressure of their tires. The system utilizes gauges or sensors to monitor the air pressure.

And, when the pressure drops to a specific level), the sensor activates an alert. Normally the alert will appear on the vehicle’s dashboard.

The TMPS warning light is yellow in color, with a unique design that consists of an exclamation market. When the TPMS is connected to the Flagship In-Dash Navigation, the air pressure warning will appear on the screen.

Once the warning appears, you will need to stop as soon as possible to add air.


The warranty for the Pioneer AVIC-8201NEX is decent but not perfect. You’re only going to be protected for one year.

Many people will agree that the warranty isn’t long enough. Some will begin experiencing problems as soon as the warranty has expired and that is very problematic.

It is nice to have a warranty but this company should offer a longer warranty. That is one of the biggest downfalls associated with this navigation system.

If you want to be protected for a longer period of time, you should consider making the switch to a different solution or extend the warranty. Many will agree that one year is not enough.

Why Customers Like It

  • The camera quality is very impressive
  • Offers plenty of excellent features
  • Compatible with Android Auto and Apple Car Play
  • The Bluetooth phone service works great
  • The CD and DVD player works great
  • HD radio provides a great performance
  • The standard GPS system works as intended
  • Keeps the user entertained during their trip

Final Verdict

Ultimately, the Pioneer AVIC8201 NEX is a great investment for most consumers. Are you ready to revamp your vehicle’s navigation system so you can reach your destination much easier? Do you want to control the system using a touchscreen?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, you should think about investing in the Pioneer AVIC8201NEX.

The screen size is perfect and you’ll always be able to see what is behind you. This will make a world of difference. This Pioneer AVIC-8201NEX review is positive and you’ll agree that it is easy to see why.

Related Questions

Does It Work With Android Phones?

In all likelihood, the answer is yes. This navigation system is compatible with Android Auto technology. Therefore, it should work with your Android device. However, you must be using Android 5.0 or higher to ensure that your device will be compatible with this system.

Is It Compatible with Google Maps?

There is a good chance that you’re going to be eager to utilize your navigation system with Google Maps. While the Pioneer AVIC8201NEX features a unique mapping system, it is compatible with Google Maps too.

However, you’ll need to use your smartphone to take advantage of Google maps.