Tomtom Go 620 Review

Tomtom Go 620 Review (An Experts Thoughts)

Are you looking for the most honest and comprehensive Tomtom Go 620 review? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Tomtom is known for manufacturing some of the best GPS systems on the planet. Nevertheless, the company has produced a few not so good ones here and there. Therefore, you need to be very careful when buying one of their products. You need to make sure that you choose one that is going to be worth the money. Thankfully, you will find that the Tomtom Go 620 is going to satisfy your needs. This device offers numerous features that you’re going to love. And, you’ll appreciate the gorgeous screen.

Is this the right one for you? There is a good chance that the answer is yes. Either way, you’ll want to read this Tomtom Go 620 review in-depth before making your decision.

Screen Size

First and foremost, you should know that this device is available in two screen sizes. You can choose a 5” screen or a 6” screen. This is a great feature for people who have bad eyesight. If you fit into this category, you will likely have a tough time seeing the letters on the 5” screen. The 6” screen will increase the likelihood that you’re able to see the details without squinting. And, this will ensure that you do not have to take your eyes off of the road for too long.

Lifetime Traffic Details

Having a GPS system is great. Nevertheless, some of them are more beneficial than others. You will find that some offer traffic details for a short period. Others do not offer traffic information at all. When you read a Tomtom Go 620 review, you will find that this device offers lifetime traffic information and that information is going to be very accurate. This will ensure that you’re able to avoid traffic jams. You’ll be able to plan your route to ensure that your trip will be more cost-effective and less time-consuming.

If you do not want to sit in traffic for hours on end, you’ll want to buy this one. You will find that it is one of the highest-rated GPS navigators out there.

Easy Updates

Another thing to note is that the Tomtom is going to provide you with easy updates. With many GPS navigators, you have to take the device inside and hook it up to your computer to access updates. This can be a hassle and you likely won’t bother. With the Tomtom, you won’t have to jump through so many hoops. You’ll be able to download and install updates using Wi-Fi. This ensures that you’ll be able to keep the device up to date without going through a hassle.

Read Your Messages

When you’re driving down the road, there is a good chance that you’ll receive a text message or two. It could be important so you’ll feel an urgency to read those messages right away. The only problem is that getting caught using your cellphone while driving can get you into trouble. Plus, it can be very dangerous. You’ll want to avoid this issue. Instead, you should rely on the TomTom Go 620. With this device, it will read your messages aloud. This ensures that you can find out what is going on without having to take your hands off of the steering wheel. And, you’ll be able to keep your eyes on the road at all times.

Details Provided

The Tomtom 620 Go offers a wealth of features. When you’re driving in your vehicle, you’ll want to remain in the know. This system will help you do just that. It will provide you with various details. For instance, you can find what the speed limit is and how fast you’re driving by looking at the screen. You’ll also be able to check the time and how long you have to go. The screen will provide you with call information too. If you receive a call during your commute, the system will let you know about it. And, you’ll be able to answer the phone safely.

Ultimately, this is one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly GPS devices out there. The only downside with this device is the fact that it does not have a dashcam.

Voice Commands

When you take a trip, you’ll want to drive safely. This means that you should keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times. If you do not, your chances of getting into an accident are going to increase immensely. Therefore, you should consider buying the Tomtom 620 Go. You will find that it allows you to control the device using your voice. This will prove to be very beneficial and much safer than the alternatives. After all, you’ll be able to speak to the device and you won’t have to use your eyes or hands.

With the Tomtom 620 Go, you’ll be able to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. However, you’ll still be able to answer calls and adjust the settings.


Anything can go wrong with your GPS navigator. Therefore, you’ll want to buy one that is going to last. Simultaneously, you need to choose a company that is going to stand behind their products. This is one of the main reasons that any Tomtom 620 Go review is going to be positive. This company knows that their products are going to last and this is why they offer a great warranty. Once you’ve bought this GPS navigator, you’re going to be protected for a period of 1 year. If anything goes wrong, Tomtom will fix the problem without making you jump through hoops.

In general, the warranty will cover defects in materials and workmanship. Either way, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll have assistance if something goes wrong.

Safety Camera Information

Unfortunately, a lot of cities contain safety cameras. These cameras are designed to track your speed. If they catch you going over the speed limit, you’re likely going to receive a ticket in the mail. This is a major issue and you’ll want to avoid getting speeding tickets. The good news is that the Tomtom 620 Go can help. This device can help you determine where safety cameras are located. It will alert you when you’re approaching a camera. This ensures that you’ll have an ample amount of time to slow down so you do not get a ticket.

With the Tomtom 620 Go, you will never have to get a ticket from a safety camera again. This feature relies on the community. Tomtom specifies that 4.6 million users have shared information regarding safety cameras. So, there is a good chance that the safety cameras in your city have been added to the massive database.

Don’t Pay For Updates

With some GPS navigators, you’re going to be required to pay for updates and that can be very problematic. In all likelihood, you’ll get frustrated with this type of device and you’ll buy a new one. With the Tomtom 620 Go, you can guarantee that it is going to remain usable and beneficial for many years to come. You won’t be required to pay for updates. You can receive lifetime updates for maps, traffic, and safety cameras. More importantly, these updates are provided for free.

This ensures that you’ll be able to use this device for many, many years without needing to upgrade to a new navigator. As mentioned above, you won’t have to worry about using your computer to update. Therefore, you can guarantee that you’ll update without going through a major hassle. However, updates may not be available after several years. When your device is no longer able to support updates, you will need to buy a new device.

Hands-Free Calling

During your trip, you may be required to place a call to a friend or family member. Doing so can be dangerous. Therefore, you’ll want to take steps to increase your safety. Look no further than the Tomtom 620 Go. With this GPS navigator, you can guarantee that you’ll be able to remain safe out there on the road. It offers hands-free calling. All you have to do is connect your smartphone to the device using Bluetooth. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to place and accept calls without using your hands.

If you want extra peace of mind, you’ll want to consider adding this GPS navigator to your automobile. Remember that driving while using your phone is against the law in many areas.

Lightning Fast

When it comes down to it, some GPS navigators are slow and buggy. This can be a major problem. If you’re using a slow navigator, it is going to take too long to plan your route. Well, you won’t have to worry about this issue when you use the Tomtom 620 Go. With this one, you’ll be able to plan your route quickly and conveniently. The device turns on very quickly and planning your route will prove to be lightning fast. Once you’ve mounted the device to the dock, it will power on in seconds. In a few minutes, you’ll be ready to hit the road.

Why Customers Like It?

There are many things about the TomTom GO 620 that customers have admitted to liking. Its user interface is friendly, making it suitable for motorists from all walks of life. The unit will guide you to your location time efficiently and safely. The customers have reported liking:

  • Navigation is excellent
  • Wi-Fi enabled updates are helpful
  • Hands-free voice interface works great
  • Phones messages are read aloud
  • Mydrive cloud app has a user-friendly interface
  • Charging icon is conveniently located on the upper left corner of the display
  • Works without a Wi-Fi access
  • Change lane assist works flawlessly

Possible Cons

Like other brands, the TomTom GO 620 has a few disadvantages. Fortunately, the disadvantages may not be considered disadvantageous to every customer. One disadvantage that appears to be a problem for most customers is the voice control capability. In order for the capability to work appropriately, the motorist must utilize precise voice commands. The interactive voice interface is not intelligent enough to recognize commands that are similar to the required commands. For example, to clear your destination route, you must say “Clear Route”, anything more or less will not work. Once you become familiar with the voice commands, you should not find it problematic any more.

Another major con of the TomTom GO 620 is it does not have a built-in dashcam. With that said, motorists with an existing dash cam will not find that problematic. But, for consumers who do not have and want an existing dash cam, it will be a major turnoff. And, many people find it more convenient to have the GPS navigation system and dashcam combined into a single unit more convenient.

Unfortunately, the TomTom maps are not customizable. Many customers have admitted to being dissatisfied with the unit for the mere fact that the maps cannot be customized fully. If the map is lacking in any way, it can complicate things for some motorists.

Another downside is the unit does not have an automatic update feature. When updates are available, the motorists should have immediate access to them without going through a string of processes. Once the unit reaches a specific age, updates will no longer be available to the motorists. Since updates are extremely important when it comes to GPS systems, unavailability will render the unit useless for most drivers. Many customers believe that it is a way for TomTom to push them into updating to a newer version.

The hardware definitely needs improvement, as many customers have complained about it being “underpowered” and “sluggish”. If the hardware is not working efficiently, the entire unit will not perform accurately. Lagging hardware can definitely complicate things for motorists when they need directional assistance.

The Final Verdict

The Tomtom GO 620 has been described by consumers as one of the best GPS navigation devices on the market. The unit features a broad range of capabilities that help drivers reach their destinations in a timely manner and safely. Utilizing the unit during short and long road trips will ensure efficiency, accuracy, and less fuel waste. Installing the unit is as simple as following the included step-by-step installation guide. The entire process will take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on your skill levels.